Branding for Startups & Organizations – One Big Mistake

I’ve been quiet of late, as I have been busy rolling up my sleeves and partnering with some pretty incredible (and diverse) #startups and small #businesses in their #branding/rebranding journey.

The one big mistake that most of these businesses started out making was their ‘Ready – Fire – Aim!’ approach to branding – ‘give us our logo, website and Instagram stories and our branding is done!’

But by the end of the process, the #founders have become irreversible converts to the value of ‘starting with #strategy first’.

They are now convinced that creating a brand that stays on top of people’s mind comes with strategic planning.

And that the results are well-worth the investment.

Brands like #Apple, #Disney and #Nike have done it and so can they.

Power brands have created their impact because of their brand values, their mission, their exclusivity and the power of community building.

Nike, for example, has never started price wars, never tried to exit their area of expertise, and the market rewards them for it.

The way brands do business has changed. Your #audience buys from you only when they engage consistently with your content and get to know you. When they engage, they trust you, and when they trust you, they buy from you.

“We choose brands as reflections of our aspirations, our hopes, and ourselves. For sportswear companies like Nike, we see ourselves in the brand and want to be associated with it” – this holds truer now than ever before.

Founders, businessowners, entrepreneurs and marketers – read on to get inspired by these power brands and weave some of the learnings into your own brand-building – even if you don’t have the budgets that these brands do!

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