CSR - MakeHerVizible®️

What if I told you that by investing in your personal brand:
You would be helping close the gender gap?
You would be adding value to a woman entrepreneur?

Here is how:
1. 5% of what you pay us will go into the MakeHerVizible®️ fund.
2. Your brand and digital assets would be designed by an immensely talented woman who will grow with your support.
3. Your branded marketing material would be carefully handcrafted by a woman artisan.

Yes, building your personal brand can now benefit both you and someone else.

Choose us for a purpose beyond profit.

Help us MakeHerVizible®️.

Upskill her and recreate her world

Through our MakeHerVizible®️ initiative, we train and upskill economically and socially vulnerable women and young girls to become financially capable, by providing them with paid projects.

If you would like to join our program or nominate a deserving woman candidate, apply here:

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