Build Your Organization as a Trusted Employer Brand

Did you know that 28% Employee turnover can be reduced by 28% by investing in employer branding (LinkedIn)

“ Employees who are thought leaders outside the company improve the company brand and the employee’s own personal brand. ”  Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha 

What is it that your organization offers as an employer, and how is that different from other employers who are attracting the same type of people?

Do you know the answer?

Employer branding is the new pillar of your talent strategy.

Vizible®️ embeds personal branding into your learning and development programs so that you can invest in your greatest asset- your people. Your company is a great place to work at, but do your future employees know that?

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Employer Brand Strategy

1. Employer Value Proposition
2. Content and Communication
3. Employee Engagement
Invest in our proprietary Vizible Insights®️ Framework to build an employer brand that your stakeholders know, like and trust.

Personal Branding for Teams , Departments and Sales Networks

1. Personal branding programs for teams promotes team building and a spirit of collaboration.
2. Program Roadmap: Branding Bootcamp –> Partner Work –> Workshop – > Brand in Action (Live Project)

Brand Building for Emerging Leaders

1. 1:1 or Group Mentoring
2. Impactful training for your future leaders to build and communicate stand-out personal brands.
3. We work with your handpicked talent to build their leader brands through a combination of individual and group mentoring.

Leadership/C-Suite Branding (Vizible CXO®️ Program)

1. Bespoke consultancy to position the C-Suite for internal and external stakeholders.
2. Services include crafting a compelling thought leadership positioning strategy, building the visual and content assets of your leadership team and manage their digital presence.

Corporate Workshops

1. Upskill your employees, keep your people engaged and help them grow.
2. Invest in your employees by enabling them to build strong, credible and authentic personal brands that in turn add value to the organization brand.
3. Retain us to deliver our signature personal branding programs for your employees.

Media Training

1. Transform your key stakeholders into brand storytelling experts.
2. Training in effective media handling strategies, clear and concise messaging and on-point delivery.


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