Employer Brand Consulting

Our proprietary Vizible Insights®️ Framework combines deep-dive research, an employer brand audit, and industry best practices to help you strategize and articulate your Employer Value Proposition (EVP).

We then bring the EVP strategy to life through creative execution and employee engagement training programs.

What’s Stopping You from Becoming a Great Employer?

  • You have best-in-class products and command your price in the market. But do you have the best talent that will deliver your business success in the long run?
  • You are struggling to hire and retain high-quality talent who will make a considerable impact on your organization’s bottom line.
  • You would like to decrease your acquisition cost but you run huge expenses on recruitment.
  • Your desired employees are not looking at your organization as a preferred place to work in.
  • You need help to establish a strong employer brand presence in the market as compared to your competition.

You Don’t Have an Employer Brand Strategy Yet

96% of companies believe employer brand and reputation can positively or negatively impact revenue, yet less than half (44%) monitor that impact. (CareerArc)
Imagine a scenario when your potential employees will queue up to work for you.
Would you like to move from a low employer-brand relationship stage to an engaging and empowered Employer Brand?
How to move from a low employer-brand relationship stage to becoming the dream workplace of your potential employees?

When you –

  • Become aware of the reasons behind your current Employer Brand Reputation.
  • Align and position your corporate brand as a strong employer brand.
  • Communicate your employee value proposition clearly and strongly.
  • Have an actionable employer brand communication strategy to connect with your current & potential future employees at various touchpoints.
  • Have a clear communication strategy to connect & position your employer brand through the entire employee/candidate journey.

It’s Time to Build your Employer Brand Leadership

80% of recruitment & talent acquisition managers believe that employer branding can impact your ability to hire great talent. (LinkedIn)
Communicating your employee value proposition through a properly laid out & executed Employer Brand strategy and living it with full honesty & commitment will ultimately enhance your EBR (employer-brand relationship). 

Vizible End-to-End Employer Brand Consulting

Helping organizations establish strong Employer Brand leaderships

Building an Inspiring employer brand that tells a story

Did you know that 9 out of 10 candidates would apply for a job when it’s from an employer brand that’s actively maintained? (Workable)
When you invest in your employer branding, you will be able to –


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Personal branding can help communicate your unique identity to potential employers and clients, distinguishing your brand from your competitor, which can be imperative to your career.

 You need heavy employee engagement and involvement with the employer brand exercise in order to create a compelling narrative about your employer brand. This needs motivating employees & a behaviour change along with external brand relaunch, employee engagement surveys, close brand monitoring on web- social media & employment review sites, creating an EVP and a strong multi-channel strategy, and perfect execution.

You can consider using these as powerful tools to develop your employer branding – 

  1. Popular Social networking sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter.
  2. Famous job boards – 
  3. Employee review sites – Eg Glassdoor
  4. Employee advocacy sites – eg. EveryoneSocial, Oktopost etc 
  5. Employer branding automaton solutions- Eg Papirfly & Altru

 Internal newsletters, meetings, and encouraging communication between teams can help to ensure that your staff are on the same page as part of your workplace branding strategy.Write more please.

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