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We transform your key stakeholders into brand ambassadors who turn every media interview into a branding success through effective media handling strategies, clear and concise messaging, and on-point delivery.

Become the Next Media Magnet with Vizible

Managing media is an essential leadership skill that can have a massive material impact on your personal and your employer brand. Every single word you say in front of the media matters. It can dilute or amplify the power of your brand.
Such is the power of media.
You can harness this power to your benefit, you need to become a pro at getting your message to your target audience through the correct use of media.

We offer the right media training for you and your company spokesperson to –

  • Understand and use media to the advantage/benefit of your organization.
  • Develop story-worthy messages that your audience would love.
  • Prepare for interviews and press conferences.
  • Land your message in a succinct and confident way in front of the camera or public.
  • Handle tough questions by the press with grace and turn nerves into an asset.

Who is it for

Trust us. We will make media interaction a cakewalk for you whether you are –

Key Takeaways: Vizible’s Media Training Workshops

Our powerful media training will ensure that what you speak and how you speak, and how you handle media which is superbly advantageous for your organization, and turn it into a branding success. 

Media handling strategies

Learn how to build great relationships with media persons.


Learn to create lazer sharp messages that no one can take out of context.

Presentation skills

Face media with comfort & confidence and sound great on the microphone.

PR skills

Master the secret of a successful press release and how to promote yourself through the media without paying.

Media Interview skills

Learn to prepare for your press, tv, and radio interview, look confident, handle tricky questions, and get your message across in a powerful yet media-friendly way.

TVB’s Media Training Workshops

Our top media services are –

  1. One-on-one Training
  2. Group Training
  3. Executive Media Training


Right. There is much more to handling media than being a great communicator. One wrong sentence or reaction may impact your brand reputation heavily or impact your stock prices and cost millions of dollars. As a spokesperson, you definitely need to know the nuances of  managing media.

Our Media training programs are very structured. In a short time, you will have the right skills and be ready to walk in the press conference room and face people with new confidence.

Of course. If you are a budding entrepreneur or small brand, you surely want to scale up in the future. Media training will help you get visibility, make friends with media persons and learn the art and skills to get interviewed for free. 


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