Personal Branding for Teams

Is your team achieving its goals or struggling?

You may need to answer these questions-

  • Do your employees just work in silos or feel part of the organization? 
  • Do your employees take pride in being part of the team? 
  • Are they working for their personal goals or towards team/organizational goals?

From having teams to making people feel part of the team, to being proud of the team, and finally, people working for the team goals is every organization’s dream. ( here a flow chart can also come). 

Are you Motivating your Teams Enough?

When do employees engage and are motivated to go the extra mile for the team?
If you had to play and win a football match, what team would you be part of? Why?
Because this is not just a team- it is a brand. You look upon it. You aspire for it.
This is where Personal branding for teams comes in.
This calls for bringing a paradigm shift from
‘Who will be No1 in the team’ to ‘Team no 1’

Building No #1 Team Brand - The Starting Point

When you define and shape your team brand to how you want it to be perceived for its collective skills, strengths, and personalities, it eventually starts working toward its perception.

Let’s make it an honest collaborative effort in alignment with the employer brand.

Ask these questions –
Is my team brand working as per my expectations (perceived value)?
How are my team brand members acting in the outside world affecting my employer brand? Are these in sync?

Vizible Personal Branding for Teams Programme

Skyrocket your credibility and profits by creating a personal brand for your teams. 

You Can Create Winning Teams

Humanizing your team brand by adding face and value to it can do wonders inside the company and outside, both. 


A team brand is a set of values that determines the overall objectives and actions of the teams within the organization. It maintains high-quality standards & influences day-to-day decision-making.

Personal branding of teams creates a sense of pride to be associated with a team, bonding among team members, and acts as a catalyst to achieve team goals and hence, add to productivity and overall employer brand.

Creating a team vision, and setting team goals in alignment with your employer brand followed by a deep understanding of individual team members.



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