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One of the benefits of working with a coach is get pointed, objective advice from a professional where the normal constraints that exist as part of an organizational review cycle do not exist. Coach helps individuals take a step back, review their priorities and match their aspirations with their passion/talent to discover their unique strengths. This process is invaluable not only for individuals planning to make a career change but also to increase their effectiveness and value to the organization they are currently part of. I reached out to Devapriya when I was in between jobs. Like a true coach, her approach is empowering and makes the individual dig deep into what the individual believes in to bring out unique insights. She brings clarity of thought to the individual in the process and stays through the journey to help develop a plan and then help them implement it. I am truly grateful to Devapriya for invaluable support and guidance provided to me when I truly needed it. I continue to work with her to reap the benefits of her insights going forward. I would highly recommend Devapriya as a coach & personal Brand strategist.
Manoj Maheshwari
AVP Finance, Sage Publications
Devapriya is an excellent coach. She makes it a point to understands the coachee’s perspective. This enables open communication and helps overcome resistance to feedback. We were able to constructively discuss – what would work and what may not? She was very inquisitive and supportive instead of forceful, and that really helps. She has a coaching style that is very specific and not general. It help pinpoint the problem areas and specific inputs are provided to work upon them. As a coach she focused on helping in building strengths instead of highlighting weaknesses. She clearly has the coachee’s best interest in her mind.
Anubhav Gupta
Vice President at an American multinational financial services corporation
I take great pride in appreciating Ms. Devapriya Khanna. Her knowledge and expertise about the positioning of a personal brand through A, B, C & D approach, has helped me transform my personal brand as well. In the last thirteen years, although we have done pretty well, I still felt there was something amiss. With the learning from 212 degrees, I am now consciously working to position my brand, the way I always envisioned. Conscious working on Appearance, Behaviour, Communication and Digital presence has helped me, leave an impression of a Leading Professional Interior Design firm and has added value in positioning my brand.
Manjari Sharma
Wagma Designs LLP
I recently attended a Bootcamp named ‘Relearn your ABCD’ conducted by Devapriya, Bootcamp had a good mix of people from industry and entrepreneurs. This was a very insightful camp for me and it literally showed us the mirror on how to improve our digital presence. It helped me immensely with great tips on how to build your leadership brand. I had a complete refresher course on Linkedin profile as well along with cross learnings that we had among the participants. In the daily work, we actually miss out on some of the basic things like how to make your personal brand more relevant, this camp actually addresses all such aspects. I would highly recommend this boot camp to everybody to get multiple times ROI on your investment of time and money.
Kapil Poddar
CFO – Ritu Kumar
Devapriya is the name that tops my mind when it comes to find a proactive and trusted leadership brand strategist. Her own journey from a senior corporate professional to a marvelous personal brand consultant for leaders is inspiring. Having her by your side means a faster recognition, more prospects and access to the rich community of like-minded leaders. If all these things are on your mind, reach out to her without a second though. Highly recommended.
Sunita Biddu
Speaker, Power Blogging Coach & Social Media Advisor
An incredible Alchemist, Devapriya is! She has given my life a one eighty degrees fillip, when I needed it and sought it, most . In more ways than one, her indispensable and precious presence in my life as a Coach, is a game changer. Bless you, Coach.
Avinash Singh Alag
Life Coach | Mentor | Trainer. Founder of Blossoms School & Gyanoday (NGO)
We were looking to augment our team with soft skills, inject attitude & behaviors that would drive sustainable productivity outcomes. It is then we met Priya and sought her help to design an agenda that would help us deliver the objective. Priya spent time listening to us, understanding problem statement, speaking to local leadership & getting into the guts of the opportunity. Her session was customized, energizing and very relevant for the team.
Sudharsan R
Head of Marketing Operations at Dell EMC
I recently attended concluded a boot camp with Devapriya, We had 6 sessions of absolute enlightenment with her. Her clarity on the subject and explanation technique is excellent. I must say that even after 23 years of experience, at this camp I actually felt that I am learning the ABC of personal branding. I am so grateful to her for the valuable tips, techniques and the knowledge imparted at the camp. Thank you.
Monica Uberoi
Architect and Interior Designer| Founder and Principal architect at SPACES
Devapriya is an insightful and a passionate Personal Brand Strategist. She has a very professional approach while coaching and spends time in understanding your message and helping you tweak and fine tune it for your audience. She is someone I could connect to very easily as we share a similar thought process with a common foundation of Kindness and Empathy.
Tanmaya Goswami
Business Strategist and Mentor
Few people have the opportunity to work with someone ‘highly efficient’ like Devapriya. I had the pleasure of working with her when we started Connexus. She has the ability to handle multiple projects. I am impressed by her strategic ability to deal with even the toughest situations – effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among consulting professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. I have rarely come across real talents who stand out like Devapriya Khanna. She is very creative, hands-on and organised. Her knowledge on Personal branding and Leadership is immense. God bless.
Gautam Macker
Director-The Homemakers and Co-founder at Connexus
Devapriya’s workshop is a wake up call and sensitisation of issues which we corporate leaders tend to ignore and never bring in focus . The workshop was clear , crisp , focussed and the SMEs at the end of each session are Refreshing and enlightening both
Shweta Gautam
Business Leader , Connector
The sessions with Ms. Devapriya Khanna were an amazing experience. I would like to thank her for the energy and insight she brought to the sessions. Not only did I take away a lot of valuable input for myself, but the lessons are still working on me. The sessions with her have brought about the change in the way I look at myself and how I see the world. It has given me more confidence in dealing with people around me. The sessions helped create a positive image about myself and bring forth my individuality.
Ashutosh Varma
Petronet LNG
I must admit I am in awe of the astuteness in the understanding of branding and marketing for a niche business like mine. This, it seems, arises from a combination of genuine concern as well as the vast experience and expertise of the subject. So far, these have worked almost miraculously well for me.
Ruchi Phool
Holistic Wellness & Lifestyle Coach
Devapriya is a great professional who really knows how to dive deep into the core of a brand and bring forward the best of it. Her knowledge and experience facilitate the design of a marketing strategy in tune with your true values and purpose. She translates theory into practical steps, bringing clarity and confidence to move forward. Working with her has been a great experience, full of actionable and valuable insights.
Sandra Guevara
Circular Economy consultant, teacher & mentor

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