What does it take to be a successful woman in business?

Here are 5 of my top tips, simple and actionable yet with far-reaching impact:

(Following most, still trying to implement some!)


1️⃣ Forge your own path : You will not be handed a roadmap for success, so you have to make your own. Be a trailblazer. Understanding that there is no “ideal path” but rather the “ideal path for you” is the key to truly being successful.

2️⃣ Trust yourself: Listen to the supporters. Listen to the naysayers too. But sieve what you hear. And listen to your own gut and your heart. They never lie.

3️⃣ Be fearless: Be unafraid to break norms and shift paradigms because business is often male-dominated. Be unapologetically YOU but don’t forget to be kind. Harness the power of the feminine energy.

4️⃣ Show up consistently: Good days, bad days, low days, slow days ~ regardless ~ you need to keep showing up and leaning in. Take a short break when the load gets heavy. But get up and get going.

5️⃣ Build your tribe: Supporting, advocating for and championing other women is crucial – community over competition is the ONLY way.

To me, success as a woman is truly owning your talent, confidence, resilience, authority, and unwavering self-worth, then empowering other women in the room to celebrate their own potential, too.

What is your success mantra? Share with us in the comments ⬇️⬇️

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