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Devapriya helps you craft a powerful, vizible and profitable personal brand for yourself based on the branding and marketing principles used by consumer brands.

About Devapriya

Devapriya Khanna is a global marketing leader and a reputed personal brand strategist.

With over 18 years of corporate experience, she is the Founder of 212 Brand Lab and Connexus Global Ventures. She has been helping CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders, thought leaders and executives create their personal brand for over 7 years.

She helps individuals and employers leverage their personal brand to develop the authority, influence, and trust they need to skyrocket their business or career goals.

DIY your Personal Brand

Now you can get started on your personal brand by ordering your visual assets from us, at a very affordable cost. Our team of designers and strategists will review your brief and share 3 options with you within 2 weeks. You choose the one you like.


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